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Hi, I'm Nathaniel Qin—

a swift, meticulous, logical, and reliable UX designer who excels at bridging gaps without cutting corners

3000+ hours mentored on ADPList

Rippling Unsung Hero — Jan 2023

IBM Design Luminary 2021

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An example screen from the Audit project.

IBM — 2021

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud: Audit

Transforming a complicated, API-driven feature into a simple and intuitive UI-driven experience

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Example screens from the Word of Hands project

Design for America – 2018

Word of Hands

A tool to help members of the Deaf community find businesses that meet their accessibility needs

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Clip art of Minesweeper


Desktop only

A personal take on a classic arcade game

Check it out

Clip art of Meme Machine

Meme Machine

Desktop and mobile

The name is pretty self-explanatory…

Check it out

Clip art of Swap


Mobile only

Tinder meets item marketplace

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A portrait image of Nathaniel Qin against a backdrop of the New York City skyline

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm currently a product designer at Rippling, driving high speed innovation for IT products and building the future of our apps platform. Before this, I was at IBM, designing enterprise products. I have a strong technical expertise due to the kinds of products I've worked on over the years, as well as my academic background.

As I've progressed through my career, I've come to understand that good design comes from not only analyzing user needs, but also from understanding business strategy and being able to move quickly. I believe my biggest strengths as a designer come from the processes and design intuition I've cultivated over time that allows me to innovate with speed, precision, and creativity.

In my downtime, I enjoy playing music on the piano, playing games online, or working out. Outside of work, my free time is filled with adventure—exercising, tackling scenic hikes, traveling, and trying new food. 

Let’s keep the conversation going! My contact info is in my resume.

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